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Core modules

Unveiling a suite of powerful tools

Sequence Editor

Create complex programs easily

Unleash your creativity with our Sequence Editor, a game-changing tool designed to bring versatility and control to your radio programming. With the Sequence Editor, you can meticulously craft hour-by-hour plans, blending playlists and actions with ease and precision.


Cue Editor

Seamless transitions every time

With our intuitive Cue Editor, creating smooth transitions between songs becomes a breeze. No longer do you need to worry about abrupt or awkward gaps disrupting the flow of your radio programming.

But it's not just about transitions. Want to set a fade-out at the end of a song? Or maybe you need a specific part of a track for an intro? No problem, ensuring every second of airtime is exactly as you envision.

Media Library

Music management but without the headaches

Easily organize your tracks into playlists tailored to different moods, genres, or themes. Add labels to categorize your music even further, making it faster to find that perfect track when you need it.

Plus, with our user-friendly interface, you can sort, search, and queue songs within seconds, streamlining your broadcasting preparation.



Fine Day Anthem


Saving Me




Where You Are


A Milli (SIDEPIECE Remix)


Praise The Lord (Durdenhauer Edit)


Phone (feat. Sam Tompkins & Em Beihold)


Won't Forget You





Waveform Waveform
Start time Status Title

Rhyme Dust



Won't Forget You


Promo Jingle 17


Hot In It


Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Remix)


Advertisement Slot


You're in control

Discover the future of radio broadcasting with our Studio - your interactive, real-time control room. Not only can you monitor what's playing and queue up the next tracks, but you can also do it all in a sleek, modern interface right in your browser.

Our Studio breaks down barriers by enabling real-time collaboration. Work with your team to manage broadcasts, regardless of location. No downloads, no complex software, just a seamless experience that puts you and your team in control.

But there's more

Uncover our additional feature set


Get real-time notifications sent to your chosen endpoint every time a song plays. Perfect for updating 'Now Playing' widgets, synchronizing social media, or connecting with external applications.


Designed to optimize your broadcast quality, it adjusts and enhances your station's sound in real-time. With no extra effort, you'll provide a seamless, high-quality listening experience that keeps your audience tuned in.

Uncompressed audio

Unlike many platforms that compress files to save space, we prioritize the quality of your music above all. When you upload a track to our Media Library, we retain its original, full-quality format, ensuring that your listeners enjoy the best possible audio experience.

Powerful API

Designed with flexibility and control in mind, our API allows you to fully customize your radio station's online presence. Build your own radio website and effortlessly integrate real-time and historical broadcast data.


Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive Analytics feature. Track your station's performance, understand your audience's listening habits and monitor your growth over time.

Integrated streaming & customizable encoders

Start broadcasting instantly with our all-inclusive streaming service, generating listener links with one click. For tailored transmissions, utilize our customizable encoders for platforms like Icecast2 or Shoutcast.


Partnership with Uplink-Digital

We've teamed up with Uplink-Digital, a leader in German radio hosting. Their valuable insights and collaborative input have significantly refined our platform. By adhering to industry standards and leveraging AI, we deliver a groundbreaking solution that perfectly marries expertise and innovation. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of online radio broadcasting.

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